Back In The Swing Of Things

It has been a long first two weeks of school, but an exciting first two weeks! EXCITING NEWS: I got engaged recently! I was so surprised and so lucky to find to the love of my life. I got engaged on a Saturday, so when I came back to school on Monday I read Lilly's Big Day by Kevin Henkes to my class. After reading it I had my kids guess why I choose to read that book. After a few random guesses one student finally said 'Because you're getting married!' They were so excited! And of course all the girls want to be my flower girl after reading the story.

I saw a fun art activity on a blog this summer (so sorry I can't recall which one) and decided we had to do it. The students made their own owls out of poster board and scrapbook paper. Hobby Lobby had scrapbook paper for half-off so I stocked up on tons of fun paper. I told the kid to make their owl represent their interests and personalities. I would say they did a fabulous job. We hung them in our classroom 'tree.'

Welcome to my Parliament!

I am all set and ready to welcome my parliament (a group of owls) to my classroom! I have never done a theme in my room before and I don't think I went too 'Owl Crazy'... although, my first day of school outfit is a dress with owls on it and owl earrings. So here is a glimpse at my home away from home...

 Can you spot the owl stuffed animals in these pictures? They were an amazing suprise from my boyfriend. He has named them Hooty, The Duke, and Francisco. He has the imigination of a 2nd grader. My students will love our new mascots!

The banner above my board even has little owls on it. I made it with some left over fabric, rope, and a hot glue gun! Super easy!

The filing cabinent is topped with Hooty and some of my craft projects I made from Pinterest.
I made the frame the 'Keep Calm and Teach On' print is in out of an old frame and scrapbook paper.
War Eagle!

Whoo Is Doing What?
Check out my classroom job board. I bought this bulletin board set from Schoolbox. The trees are supposed to fold up to make pockets, but in my room each kid gets a job so I needed to display more than one students' name for most jobs. Students get to pick from:
Line Leader, Door Holders, Lunch Accountants, Light Savers, Paper Patrol, Librarians, Classroom Cleaners, Caboose, Chair Stackers, and Pencil Sharpeners.

Word Walls and Materials

My little hanging garden and 'Our Behavior'

I am anxious, excited, and a tad bit nervous for my students to walk through that door tomorrow. I know everything will come back naturally to me once the bell rings.

Moving In Again!

I am excited to share that this year I will be returning to Esther Jackson after being surplused last year to another school, which was way far across the county. Now, this is not my first rodeo... or my first move. Actually, I have moved schools every year I have taught... and I am starting my 4th year teaching. Allow me to summarize my teaching experience:
I began at Sweet Apple and taught 2nd grade.
I was surplused from Sweet Apple to Esther Jackson (EJ), where I taught 1st grade.
After an amazing year and thinking I was returning to EJ in the fall, I was surplused to Hapeville where I taught 1st again.
After all this packing, moving, and unpacking you would think I would be CRAZY to want to move again. Well, I wanted to return to my family at EJ. Long story short.... I am teaching 2nd grade at EJ this year! I could not be happier! So, I have finally unpacked my last box and set up my room. I am very pleased with intergrating my old 'bright colors' theme with my new owls theme. There will be more pictures to come. And sorry this is so blurry, I took them with my iPhone.