Introducing My Little Love

I have been MIA since the summer, I know, I know, but I have a good reason. The beginning of the school year is crazy enough, but add preparing for a long term sub and you get chaos. Not to mention I was 8 months pregnant.
Well, I made it about 6 weeks with my new group of second graders… teaching… while 8 / 9 months pregnant. Until my blood pressure spiked 7 days before I was due. That was September 10th.  I had gone to the doctor the day before and she told me to have our school nurse check my BP the next day and call if it was high. Indeed it was. I talked with my principal during planning and she suggested I go ahead and start my leave. I wanted to finish out the day and get things together. Well, I made it another hour before my doctor called back and said to go on to the hospital to have them monitor my BP.
So, that was that. My husband and I went to the hospital with the hopes of being induced and holding our little girl soon. Of course, because we had our hopes up that wasn’t what happened. After relaxing for a few hours in a hospital bed my BP returned to normal and I was discharged. We were disappointed, but slightly relieved that our little girl wouldn’t be born on September 11th.
We grabbed some food and headed home. A few hours later, while relaxing on the couch watching Big Brother, my water ruptured. At 11pm back to the hospital we went. I ended up being induced around 9am since active labor did not start on its own. A short 11 hours later at 6:28pm our little girl made her appearance. Yes, she was born on September 11th but it brought joy to a usually gloomy day. We are so blessed and so in love, words cannot describe it.

I have spent the last 8 weeks enjoying each and every second with her. I thought I would spend some of my maternity leave blogging and creating new TPT products, but between diapers, feeding, pumping, laundry, and trying to catch up on sleep there was no time or energy. 
I know leaving her to return to work will be very difficult, waterproof mascara is ready! But I am not the first working mom, so I know it can be done. I know I will figure it all out. If I go MIA again just know that is what I am doing… snuggling my baby and figuring it all out.