March is Coming!

March is next week! Really? Yup! I don't know about you, but I am READY for spring. It was 80 degrees in Georgia today... oh what a tease. Anyways, we had a long weekend (Friday and Monday off - yes!) so I used my time wisely and prepped for March's arrival.

I created a fun-filled St. Patrick's Day Literacy Pack! Here is what is included:
*Spring Writing Prompt
*Pot o' Gold writing prompt
*Letter to a leprechaun activity
*Rainbow acrostic poem
*Leprechaun & St. Patrick's Day word building
*16 St. Patrick's Day word cards
*ABC order activty
*Syllable sort
*How to catch a leprechaun writing

Click HERE is get it from my TPT store.

Speaking of TPT... I feel so blessed that my store has opened and if off to a great start! Thank you to all those who have purchased my items or even checked them out. Thanks to everybody for even reading this post... it you guys that keep me going creating!

Alrighty, it's dinner time! Have a great weekend!

Erin Stephan

Multiplication BINGO

Tomorrow we are playing Multiplication BINGO. I made 12 different BINGO boards for my kids to use. I am also going to give them a filled-in multiplication chart - since our lesson tomorrow is on how to use the multiplication chart. I'll pull a multiplication flash card from the stack (Facts 0-9) and let the kids find the answer using their chart. It should be fun! Grab your own set of cards in my TPT store!

Multiplication Memory

We started out multiplication and division unit today. I quickly whipped up this little memory game to toss in one of my math tubs. The kids will hoepfully enjoy playing Multiplication Memory. Click the link to get it from my TPT Store (only $0.50!).

I plan on creating some more multiplication activities and posting pictures of our arrays we are making later this week. So, stay tuned for more multiplication fun!