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It's Been A Long Time Coming

Once again, here I am… updating my blog months later. I have been super busy, but needless to say I have really neglected my blog over the past few months. Well, let’s do a little catching-up!

August 2012: I started my fifth year teaching! This is the first year I did not have to move schools or classrooms. I thought setting up my classroom would be a lot easier this year, but boy was I wrong. Since I did not move I decided I needed to do a little redecorating. Yes, that was fun but time consuming.

My class is very sweet and we got off to a great start. I quickly learned with my state switching to Common Core that there is no time to play around. We get a lot done, and I do my best to make it fun.

October 2012: I took 3 days off at the beginning of October to get married! It was truly the happiest day of my life. I won’t bore you with wedding details since this is a classroom blog. I was excited to return to my kids with a new a name: Mrs. Shurbutt.

I will admit I was a little nervous about how my students would react to the name, I expected lots of giggles, but they were quite mature about it. One student did make the observation that my name was a compound word: ‘sure’ and ‘butt’. Some of my students still have not committed to calling me Mrs. Shurbutt, some still call me Ms. Stephan, and some even call me Mrs. S.

December 2012: We survived the first semester! I was beyond ready for winter break! Not to mention the day after we got out of school my husband and I left for Jamaica on our honeymoon.  Absolutely amazing!!

Of course throughout that time I did a lot of creating! I really enjoy making items for other teachers. Teachers Pay Teachers has become my hobby. There is just something about sitting in PJs creating resources for myself and others. I have a ton of Common Core items in my store for grades K-3. Don’t worry fourth and fifth grade teachers out there.. I will get to you too.

I would love to make something for you!! Please feel free to send me an email or comment on this post if there is something you’d like.  If you request it, and I do create it, your copy will be free! J  
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