Monday Made It! {July 29th}

Only 3 more days (counting today) until I officially head back to school. I know I have said this before, but this summer has flown by. I do plan on heading into my classroom today… and probably tomorrow and Wednesday… to get a head start.

I have had a busy and productive weekend! I am excited to share my productivity with you and link up with 4th Grade Frolics for another Made It Monday!


I got a lot accomplished this weekend! I finished my new banners. I just love banners and am excited to have some in my classroom. The Welcome banner will go outside my classroom.... any ideas on how I can attached it to cinderblock?
The Word Wall banner will hang from the ceiling above my work wall.
I am so thrilled with how these turned out that I am considering making banners for all my bulletin boards.
My good friend and teacher pal made new door decor this week! Two years ago she made those adorable crayon wreaths for our doors, but we were always replacing the crayons that passer-byers would pull off. We decided to try something new.
I really like how it came out! We used wooden letters from Michael's, then cut the crayons using a sharp knife, and adhered them using hot glue. Hopefully, this will be more durable than the wreath was.
My final Made It Monday I have to share are my crayon storage boxes. I got this idea from Going Nutty with Miss Squirrels via Pinterest. (See her post for how I am going to organize their crayons this year.) I made these cute crayon boxes so the kids can easily find the color they are missing from their storage boxes.
I need to touch up the paint a bit and they will be ready for the classroom!
This weekend I also finished my Common Core Math Jumbo Pack for 2nd Grade (packed full of Essential Questions, I Can Statements, and Vocabulary cards). Click the link or picture below to check it out.
Off to the classroom now to get started! I am kind of excited to get in there!

Top Ten Tuesday Linky!

I love linky parties and am excited about Swimming into Second Grade’s new Top Ten Tuesday linky. I saw her post about it last night, after I had turned my computer off of course, but I wanted to participate. Here are my top ten classroom must haves:

#1 Flair Pens

These are the ONLY thing I write with, besides the occasional mechanical pencil. I always have backups on reserve in case a color runs out on me. Did I mention I have a set at school, a set in my workbag, and a set at home? Yes, I am obsessed!

#2 My Activboard

I’m sure this is a favorite for many teachers. I can’t teach without it… well, I can… but I rather not. I love creating flipcharts & interactive centers. We use it all day everyday!
Mine is not new like the one in the picture. It's older, but it works so I won't complain.

#3 Page Protectors

This may seem like a silly thing, but I have to have page protectors. I put my weekly lesson plans in them (you never know when your coffee may fall over), I use them to store my EQ posters, center directions, old lesson plans, and examples.

#4 Clothes Pins aka Clips

I use clothes pins/ clips for a lot of things: behavior clip chart, transportation chart, job chart, and math groups chart. And yes, I do cover them all with scrapbook paper.
#5 Clorox Wipes
These are a definite must have in my classroom. Students wipe their desk every Friday before going home with one. I would have them wipe their desk everyday if I could, but I usually don't get that many containers of them.
#6 Lamps
I may be a morning person, but I can't stand the bright overhead classroom lights in the AM. I have several lamps around my room that I turn on in the morning instead. I prefer not to even turn the overhead lights on, but I don't want the kids to strain their eyes.... hmm maybe I should get more lamps.
#7 Small Post-Its
Although, I love the regular sized post-it notes, we use the small ones a lot more! We mostly use them in reading groups. Each color represents a comprehension strategy, and while reading it they use that strategy they put a post-it on that page & write their thoughts. They are the perfect size for tickets out the door, too!
#8 Pencils
Lots and lots of pencils!! We go through them quickly.
#9 Pink Pearl Erases
The eraser on a pencil disappears quickly in my room. Each kid gets a pink pearl eraser so they are prepared when mistakes happen.
#10 Portable Hard Drive
I save EVERYTHING to my portable hard drive! I used to have all my files on two flash drives, but I got tired of going back and forth between the two. I had to upgrade, and now I have space for it all. It goes to and from school with me everyday.

Monday Made It!

I am finally linking up for a Monday Made It over at Fourth Grade Frolics.

Made It #1
I decided I would do a Homework Club this year to motivate my little ones. I was inspired by Tara’s display and wanted to create something similar (just with different colors).

I know some numbers are missing, but I decided to write this post instead of finish cutting out laminating.

Made It #2
Inspired by Erica’s adorable caddies she posted on Instagram this weekend, I had to make them. Her caddy is way cuter than, so make sure you check it out. I wanted to jazz them up a bit without overdoing it.

Made It #3
I wanted a sign to go over my genre posters and library. I hade this simple one with scrapbook paper. Cutting out those letters were not the easiest thing to do.

In other exciting news, my wedding is featured on Style Me Pretty Georgia today!

I was obsessed with the site while planning my wedding, and dreamed about being on there one day. I couldn’t contain my excited this morning when I saw the post!
Click HERE to view the post.

Favorite Pins & Free-For-All {July 19th}

I am real excited to finally be able (have time) to link up with First Grade Parade’s Favorite Pins Friday linky party!

Favorite back-to-school idea:
I love banners! This All About Me Pennant Banner from Megan Astor is such a cute idea!

Favorite TEACHING pin:
Taylor Mali's inspirational 'What Teachers Make' video is a MUST SEE for any teacher!

Favorite FOOD pin:
I am a grab and go kind of breakfast gal during the school year. This pin s perfect for me and I can't wait to make some of these breakfast ideas. Barb from Second Chance to Dream put together a list of 25 Make Ahead Back to School Breakfasts, check them out!

Favorite QUOTE pin:
I love my sister, she is my best friend! So, I love Trina D. Lambert's Sister poster.
Now, it is Free-For-All Friday time!
I love Amy Lemons from Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons. She is the reason I started blogging. She is the reason I started creating pretty things and sharing them with the teaching world. She is inspirational in so many ways.
So, this week I wanted to share two of my favorite freebie from her.
These Clock Numbers are essential in my classroom! They are super helpful with teaching time. I have had them up for the past two years and I feel like my kids have a better understanding of how to tell time because of them.
I printed mine on colored cardstock and laminated for years of use.
Another one of my favorite things is Amy's Spelling Task Cards. They are not only cute, but they have a ton of fun activities. These livened up my spelling center last year.