Jun 29, 2015

Monday Made It {June 29th}

I am really excited about this week's Monday Made It with 4th Grade Frolics! I finally got a little crafty this week.

First, I wanted a new 'wreath' for our door to celebrate the 4th of July. So, I browsed pinterest for some inspiration. Like I said earlier this summer, I was gifted a LOT of burlap, so I knew that is what I wanted to use. I found a cute star, and adapted it a bit to make is more snazzy.
Here is how it turned out! I love it.... except I realized you can't see the 'God Bless America' from the street since it is navy blue. Oh well!

One of my best friends turned 30 yesterday, and to celebrate she had an 80's themed party. Neon, bows, and crimped hair! She asked me to make her two banners. I really like how they turned out, but I will say I won't be stringing any future banners with curling ribbon, at least not through the middle. The letters kept flipping over! Annoying.

Lastly, I took my best selling TPT product and made a mini-version! My 2nd grade math vocabulary cards have been a hot item in my store, each card is a half piece of paper. Last year I realized I could never fit all the vocabulary words on one bulletin board, so I wanted to make a smaller version. Introducing.... MINI Math Vocabulary Cards! They are like bite-size (but still easy to reead)!

Snazzy in Second joined instagram a little while back, but I slacked on posting at first. Trying to maintain it now. Follow me please!!

Jun 22, 2015

Monday Made It {June 22nd}

Usually I hate Mondays, but summer Mondays are SO much better! Time to share what I have made this past week with 4th Grade Frolics Monday Made It!

I wish I could report I have been busy making a lot of cute things, but I haven't really. I have been spending a majority of my time working on some TPT requests. I greatly appreciate any request I get to make a product for someone, and try to fill that request as quickly as possible. That being said most of my creativity  efforts went towards those requests.

I completed three product for those Georgia teachers! I completed two sets for first grade: Science and Social Studies Essential Questions and I Can statements. You can find them in my store {HERE}.

I also finished a Social Studies EQ and I Can Statement pack for third grade! I already had a matching Science pack, but a kind shopper asked me to make the social studies one.

So, I did do some minor crafting this week. I use a TON of clips in my classroom, but I also use Popsicle sticks. I can't stand the color of the wooden ones, or even the look of the colored ones. Last year I painted some, but I thought I needed to do something different this year. I decided to cover them with scrapbook paper.

I used rubber cement, but I am thinking they need a little modge podge, so it doesn't peel. Anybody ever tried this? Will it work? If so, I think I'll do another set with dots!

Jun 8, 2015

Monday Made It! {June 8th}

It's summer time! I thought about what I was going to post for my Monday Made It with 4th Grade Frolics all of last week. This is one of my favorite linkys, I love seeing with other people have crafted.

I was gifted a TON of burlap by our art teacher while she was packing up her room. So, warning: there will be a lot of burlap projects this summer!
I wanted to make something special for my friend Kourtnie's son or his first birthday. They are an amazing family with love for the Lord. So, what better than a burlap cross with a B for Benjamin (their son) on it.

It was super easy. I started with free handing the cross on newspaper, then traced with a sharpie on the burlap. I folded the burlap in half, so I would get two crosses. After cutting it out I traced the chevron lines and got to painting.

Once the paint dried I started hot gluing the edges and stuffing plastic grocery bags inside. Ta-da! Done!

I LOVED the ways the cross turned out that I made another for a friend... I'll probably make another for our sweet baby girl. Last summer I made a giant mason jar with burlap for my front door. See that step-by-step here!


Next, I made two banners for Benjamin's first birthday. Kourtnie gave me some freedom, but told me it needed to be blue, green, and white.

Love the way they turned out. Look how adorable this family is! Couldn't be more picture perfect!

Next Monday I will have something for Father's Day. :)

Jun 2, 2015

June Currently

WOW! It has been a while since my last post... two months to be exact. Sorry about that. I think every teacher know how the end of the year sneaks up on you. Not to mention my entire school had to pack up, because we are moving to a temporary location for next year while they bulldoze and rebuild our building. YAY for a new school, BOO for moving two years in a row.
It is June, and that means time for another link up with Oh Boy 4th Grade! Make sure you read her post about Wimberly, Texas. She is doing something AMAZING! She is raising money to help those displaced animals. Being a dog lover I had to donate. If something happened to my pup I would do whatever I could to recue her, just as people and Wimberly must be trying to do right now.
Now, on to my Currently!
I love summer tv series! Bachelorette is one I get sucked into. I am also loving my summer schedule... which is pretty much nonexistent. I wake up, have breakfast, take Rosie (the pup) on a long walk, and then the rest of the day is open. I told myself I would be productive in July, so I am enjoying this freedom now.
There are several crafts I want to start... just need to get motivated to start. Maybe after this post....
The weather this week is rainy all week, so I am wanting a good pool day... and maybe a pool nearby. :(
I need to read some of the book I purchased. I got Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews (I LOVE her) and two baby books. Maybe when I can get to the pool I can also crack open these books.
No major plans this summer, just working on our sweet baby girl's nursery. Next on my to-do list is to pick out a glider. I want a navy blue one, but those are hard to find at a reasonable price. We are doing navy and mint green in her room. I will post pictures when I make some real progress.

Apr 2, 2015

April Currently!

Yes! It is finally April, which means Spring Break is right around the corner for me... 2 more days to be exact! If I can survive today... picture day and field trip to the nature center! Once again, my favorite time of the month.... CURRENTLY with Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

Feb 1, 2015

February Currrently

Wow, February already? Time for my favorite part of the month.... Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Currently!

Dec 30, 2014

2014 Recap

Looking back at 2014.
I has been a year! Before jumping head first into 2015, I thought I would reflect on the past 12 months.
Here are the highlights….

J (my husband) and I rang in the new year with our best friends in downtown Roswell. The night was crazy, and we felt it the next day.  We also had our first snow day of the year in January. If you watched the news, you know it shut down Atlanta. I couldn’t make it home, but luckily my best-teacher-friend took me in for a few days.

Our little puppy turned ONE! We also had a few more snow days. This time we were a bit more prepared, and I got to spend the snow days with my pup and J. My best-teacher-friend also won Teacher of the Year! So proud of her!

One of my best friends, Katie, said “I do!” Her wedding was beautiful, and so was she.

For spring break J and I went to Riviera Maya in Mexico. It was very relaxing! Although, we never ventured away from the resort, we did some fun things on the resort. Not to mention, our room had a swim up pool, amazing!

May brought on the end of the school year and my birthday. We celebrated the big 2-8 with my close friends and sushi!

I went on a week long mission trip called Blue Skies. See my post about this incredible organization HERE. In short, Blue Skies provided families with childhood cancer a week long vacation filled with fun and happy memories.  My best friend Emily was the party planner for the week, and I was her assistant. Check out some of the awesome parties we set up.

I spent July crafting and enjoying summer. J and I took Rosie to the Chattahoochee river one afternoon. This was her first time swimming. She loved it! One of my besties and college roomies came for a visit in July. Jessi = FUN and indeed we had fun!

Back to school I went. This year I am doing an inspired classroom (what’s that? Read about it HERE), and the students got right to work on the computers on day 2!

In September we went to the MOON! To wrap up our unit on space we pretended to be astronauts for the day and blasted off to the moon. The day was filled with educational, yet fun, activities… including making the phases of the moon using Oreos!

I also celebrated a big milestone on TPT! I couldn’t have done it without all of my followers! I love you all and appreciate your support!


J and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We celebrated with sushi and visiting a pumpkin patch! Rosie loved the little pumpkins we came home with.

We were very thankful for all of our blessings this year! One blessing arrived the day before Thanksgiving. My best friend, Emily, had her first child! Parker is an adorable, healthy baby boy.

We are lucky that both our families live close to us. We started Thanksgiving with my family and then mid-afternoon we went to have dinner with his family. Yes, two Thanksgiving meals! Maybe that is why my pants are so tight now.

I can’t believe we are already halfway through the school year and halfway through with winter break! I have enjoyed it though. We started break by going to Nashville to see one of J’s fraternity brothers get married. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with J’s family, then went to see my family in the afternoon. J really spoiled me. One of my favorite gifts were the new stools for my classroom (see picture below). The day after Christmas we went to South Carolina to visit J's grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We had a great trip and enjoyed every minute with his extended family.

It has been quite a year and I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for J, Rosie and I.