Currently: September

September 1st.... it is Labor Day, I have the day off, and it is time for Currently September with Oh' Boy 4th Grade!
Listening: My husband and puppy are running around upstairs barking and playing.
Loving: Long weekend are the best! Every weekend should be 3 days. I have been productive around the house and with things for school and TPT.
Thinking: I've got next week's lesson plans on my mind. I'd like to go ahead and get started on them.
Wanting: Yup, I'd like to get ahead on the week after next. If I can get a little ahead today I can work on a few TPT requests I received this week.
Needing: I need coffee! I can't seem to wake up this morning. I need to find some energy.
3 Trips: Never been to New York and I would absolutely love to see it! I'd also love to travel around Europe. My sister went last summer with her husband and I am totally jealous of her pictures. I could also use one more trip to the beach before it get cold.