Clips & Cards

I have been busy this summer CrEaTiNg!

Owl Clip Chart
Last year I finally found a behavior management system that I liked and that worked! I decided to revamp it a little this summer. Why mess with a good thing? Because I wanted to make it snazzier! I was inspired by Thriving Third Graders's Box Office Clip Chart and fancy clips. I created a similar chart to fit my Owl theme. I plan to let each kid pick the color clip they want and I will put their number (not their name!) on their clip. I decided to deviate from the 'Clip Chart' sequence of colors a bit, we'll see how it works.

Lunch Count
 I completed new my Lunch Count today. My school has four lunch choices this year (we've only had 3 in the past). Instead of adding an additional choice - probably the simplest idea - I just made a new Lunch Count. Magnets are hot glued to the back of each star so I can hang them on a corner of my whiteboard. I also made more fancy clips that I will write my students name on. I have laminated pictures of the items on our lunch menu that I post above each choice depending what's on the menu that day.

Last summer I began handpainting my own greeting cards. I decided to make a bunch of these cards to keep in my desk this year. These are the ones I made last summer. I have not finished painting my new version, but they say 'From the desk of.... Miss Stephan' instead of 'Thank You'.

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