Adult Brags: Reward Yourself

This year I took the leap and started using brag tags with my kids and BOY did it change the game! No more treasure box! Quick, easy motivation! Even kids who don't love wearing their brag tags want to earn them. 

I have this beautiful bulletin board of our brag tags in my room that I just adore. 

My assistant principal walked in one day and asked about them, so of course I explained. She commented that she wish she had a brag tag for making dinner... and then it hit me. Why shouldn't we earn brag tags for adulting??

Adult brag tags were born that night. I love thinking up new brag tags. So far I have made....

 Currently, I am just handing them out to my friends at work, and they find it hilarious. Our staff is pretty big, and I don't want to hurt feelings, so I made one to put in everyone's mailbox: I made someone smile!

You can get this growing pack in my TPT store. Get it now, because as I add more the price will increase. Click HERE or the picture below to check them out! 

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