Intervention Time: Computation

RtI time can be stressful. Finding an intervention that meets the needs of your learners that is also engaging is hard. Stress no more. Meghan Harris from Keeping Up with Mrs.Harris and I have teamed up to create the ultimate Computation Intervention Bundle. If you are working on adding and subtracting numbers 0-20 we have it covered.

Building foundational mathematical skills is so important for our young students. These skills are ones they will rely on heavily not only throughout their years in elementary school, but in every step of their careers as learners and their life outside of school.

So, these skills are important to teach with fidelity. But shouldn’t they be fun too? These skills need to be reviewed frequently. Facts need to be memorized, yes I said it, memorized. But not through drill and practice. Let’s engage our little learners in activities that will stick!

How do you make it stick?

Manipulatives make it fun and memorable. Use counters, play-doh, mini erasers (hello Target dollar section!), dice, number cards, number lines, subitizing cards, and spinners to make math unforgettable.

Introduce games during your small group time. You want to ensure that students know how to play and are actually playing the game correctly. Play along with them!

This is an excellent time to model your mathematical thinking for students. Encourage them to explain their thoughts and strategies as they play as well. Once students are comfortable you can put these activities in stations to review all year long. Switch them out occasionally. Soon they will be begging to play certain games!

Many first grade and second grade OA standards are addressed in this bundle. While we made it with those grade levels in mind, it would also benefit kindergarteners that grasp the concept of adding to 5 quickly and need a challenge.

Make learning fun again! Get this bundle now, while it is at a discounted price. If you purchase today you will also get all of the updates as we add more content. Don’t wait, because the price will increase.

Interested in trying it out for free? Head over to Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris for a 30 page FREE sample!

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