Currently July

July already?!? Where did June go?

I have seen these ‘Currently’ posts around the blog world for a while now. So, after becoming a new Farley follower I finally decided to jump on board.
Here goes…

Listening- Ugh! It’s pouring down rain! Forecast calls for rain all day today and tomorrow. Guess my outdoor 4th of July plans are blown. What do we do now?
Loving- I have really enjoyed spending my summer free time reading. I don’t get to read much during the school year, so I am catching up now. The past few weeks I have plopped myself down on the couch around 4:00 with my book and don’t get up until 6:00 to start dinner. Sometimes I go right back to reading after dinner, too!
Thinking- My July calendar is pretty packed. I’ve got one of my best friend’s weddings, a 3 day teacher forum, and a 2 day workshop.
Wanting- Summer needs to slow down! July will fly by with my busy schedule and we go back for preplanning August 1st. L
Needing- My to-do list is rather long… but I rather blog than check things off right now.
Tips, Tricks or Hints- All things are possible if you believe…. just a quote I try to think about often.

That’s all for now! On to that to-do list I guess.

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  1. Stopping by from Farley's link up, I also wish summer would slow down although we don't go back nearly as early as you. The 1st sounds way too early to me!