A Must Read & Another Monday Made It! {June 30th, 2014}

I will admit, I got a little distracted when trying to decide what I wanted to craft last week. I love to read and summer is the only time I really get to relax with a book. I just finished this one by Emily Giffin!
So, I was uber lazy and did a bunch of reading this week.
But.... I did craft two things, so that I could link up again with 4thGrade Frolics for my another Monday Made It! Here is my first craft:


I made this cute banner with my Silhouette. My friend Jessica's little girl turns 2 this summer. She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the color blue. I love making banners and my goal is to one day open a shop on Etsy.
My second Monday Made It is a FREEBIE! I got lots of great feedback for my Classroom Banners freebie, so I thought I would make another. Since USA is playing in the World Cup tomorrow and the 4th of July is also this week I made these fun banners. I appreciate any feedback on them of course.
Click HERE to get your set!
I can't wait to see what everybody else made this week. I need some good ideas myself.


  1. I have had that book on my to read list - but I go back and forth because of the reviews. Do you reccommend it? On the other hand - that banner is adorable!! Love the Red white and blue banners too!


    1. If you are an Emily Giffin fan then I think it is worth reading. It is not like her other books, but it was still a good read. I enjoyed it because it played with my emotions. I like a book I can get into and desire to know what happens next. I hope you like it.

  2. Adorable birthday banner! Thanks for linking up:)
    4th Grade Frolics

  3. That birthday banner is gorgeous!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  4. Was The One and Only good? I have it in my reading pile. :-)
    Grade 4 Buzz