Monday Made It {August 11th}

Depending on when you read this I am either welcoming or getting to know 25 second graders! Yup, it is back to school I go! 
Not only and I anxious to meet my new students, I am also anxious to share what I have been busy making with you. Time to link up with 4thGrade Frolics for Monday Made It!

My first project is one my husband actually made. I suggested a few weeks ago that he should start drawing some clipart for me. Well, he finally finished his first set. Of course, I loved it, but I decided to share it with the world!
Click HERE to get these delicious cones!

"Our" yummy ice cream cone set is FREE, but only for today! Please go download it and leave us some feedback!
If y'all like it I will put him back to work on some more Snazzy Doodle clip art sets.

My second project is one I CANNOT wait to start using in my classroom. My co-workers (Susan and Natalie) shared an idea with me for student's assessing their own progress. From there I created the "Student Self-Assessment of Learning" pack. Basically, students rate how they feel about the topic your are teaching.

The options for set-up are endless! You can do cups & popsicle sticks like I did, a clip chart, magnetic cards, or individual cards for each student.

 Get the CHEVRON pack HERE!

Get the POKA DOTS pack HERE!


My last project is one I will be using today! I made a new frame for a first day of school photo opp!

A very sweet parent (and coworker) made me a frame last year like this, but it got smashed when the cleaning people put my recycling bin on top of it this summer. :(
I loved the frame so much that I made one for my mentee as well!

Couldn't resist having my pup pose for a pic.

Happy first day to all my friends starting back this week!

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  1. Love your first day frames! Where did you get the letters?