Teacher Week: Who Am I!

It is time for Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week!
I love getting to know all the blogging teachers out there.
Here is a little bit about me:
#1: My sister, Lauren, is two years older than me. We didn't get along growing up, but we sure do love each other now! We do not look much alike (Yes, we have the same dad!) but we are similar in so many other ways. She gets me, I get her... we mesh well!
#2: My husband and I have almost been happily married for two years (October 5th). I love him (duh!). He makes me laugh, supports my crazy ventures, gives me guidance, and loves me.
#3: My bestie, Emily, and I have been friends since early high school. We lived together all 4 years of college... we were even in the same sorority. She gets me too! And, she is expecting a little boy in November!! I can't wait to spoil that little boy!
Ok, I have never admitted this before... but I take a lot of selfies with my dog. I am kind of obsessed with her. She is a year and a half old Goldendoodle. She is spunky and smart!
If you haven't shared a little about yourself you can link up with Blog Hoppin'.
Can't wait to share my classroom with you tomorrow.

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  1. I think it's a rule that siblings can't get along when they're younger. My brothers and I were the same way.
    Hope you have a great week!
    The Disneyfied Teacher