June Currently

WOW! It has been a while since my last post... two months to be exact. Sorry about that. I think every teacher know how the end of the year sneaks up on you. Not to mention my entire school had to pack up, because we are moving to a temporary location for next year while they bulldoze and rebuild our building. YAY for a new school, BOO for moving two years in a row.
It is June, and that means time for another link up with Oh Boy 4th Grade! Make sure you read her post about Wimberly, Texas. She is doing something AMAZING! She is raising money to help those displaced animals. Being a dog lover I had to donate. If something happened to my pup I would do whatever I could to recue her, just as people and Wimberly must be trying to do right now.
Now, on to my Currently!
I love summer tv series! Bachelorette is one I get sucked into. I am also loving my summer schedule... which is pretty much nonexistent. I wake up, have breakfast, take Rosie (the pup) on a long walk, and then the rest of the day is open. I told myself I would be productive in July, so I am enjoying this freedom now.
There are several crafts I want to start... just need to get motivated to start. Maybe after this post....
The weather this week is rainy all week, so I am wanting a good pool day... and maybe a pool nearby. :(
I need to read some of the book I purchased. I got Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews (I LOVE her) and two baby books. Maybe when I can get to the pool I can also crack open these books.
No major plans this summer, just working on our sweet baby girl's nursery. Next on my to-do list is to pick out a glider. I want a navy blue one, but those are hard to find at a reasonable price. We are doing navy and mint green in her room. I will post pictures when I make some real progress.


  1. Erin, don't fret about your two month break from blogging. I took a four month break! Yikes! Anyway, I too am preparing for a baby girl! It's our first kiddo and I am so excited! I'm currently still doing PD classes, but once I am done it's nursery planning time! When are you due? I'm due in September!

    1. It's our first too! I'm also due in September! The 17th to be exact!

    2. I'm due the 13th! I'll have to remember to check back here to see the progress of your nursery! Best of luck!

  2. Congrats on your baby girl, how exciting! Hope you have lots of time to relax and SLEEP this summer before she arrives!

  3. You are far from alone when it comes to blogging frequency. When school is still going on, especially during April and May, I am busy not only with my own classroom, but also play the piano for our high school soloists and choirs. It's a wonder I am still sane. :) Loved reading your post! Enjoy the summer. :)

  4. getting ready for a baby girl sounds like so much fun!!!! ruffles and lace oh my
    thanks so much for donating to my fundraiser… you are awesome

  5. So many babies coming soon : ) We should start a bloggers with new babies club or something!

  6. I love the color scheme of for your sweet babies nursery. Those plus coral is what I did for my living room. The rain has not stopped where I am in TN either. I am hoping we both get some much needed sunshine soon!

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