Monday Made It {June 29th}

I am really excited about this week's Monday Made It with 4th Grade Frolics! I finally got a little crafty this week.

First, I wanted a new 'wreath' for our door to celebrate the 4th of July. So, I browsed pinterest for some inspiration. Like I said earlier this summer, I was gifted a LOT of burlap, so I knew that is what I wanted to use. I found a cute star, and adapted it a bit to make is more snazzy.
Here is how it turned out! I love it.... except I realized you can't see the 'God Bless America' from the street since it is navy blue. Oh well!

One of my best friends turned 30 yesterday, and to celebrate she had an 80's themed party. Neon, bows, and crimped hair! She asked me to make her two banners. I really like how they turned out, but I will say I won't be stringing any future banners with curling ribbon, at least not through the middle. The letters kept flipping over! Annoying.

Lastly, I took my best selling TPT product and made a mini-version! My 2nd grade math vocabulary cards have been a hot item in my store, each card is a half piece of paper. Last year I realized I could never fit all the vocabulary words on one bulletin board, so I wanted to make a smaller version. Introducing.... MINI Math Vocabulary Cards! They are like bite-size (but still easy to reead)!

Snazzy in Second joined instagram a little while back, but I slacked on posting at first. Trying to maintain it now. Follow me please!!


  1. I love your door hanger. Very cute. It reminded me I wanted to make one too!

  2. That wreath is really cute! I had a parent make me one for my door at school that I just adore. I am not always that great a free-hand painting to give this a whirl!

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