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**Update (7/19/13): I can't get my links to Google Docs to work. Please leave a comment below with your email address and the item you would like and I will gladly send it to you!

I have been a bit MIA lately... mostly because I have been stalking Mrs. Lemons and trying to pick a venue for my wedding. So, I was thinking... what have I done recently that I could share. Well, let me be honest, most of my 'good ideas' recently came from other blogs (ahhmm Mrs. Lemons). I do have a few things I wanted to post, but let me preface these items with this note: I know I am a little late posting these items, but better late than never right?! I have been experimenting with Google Docs and I think I have figured out how to link to my stuff. Try clicking of the images if you are interested in the item. If it doesn't take you to Google Docs just let me know. If anybody has any pointers for linking items to Google Docs please let me know!

I create a binder for communication at the beginning of the year. Each child's classroom number goes on a divider and I put one of these pages behind it. Whenever I call home or send an email I record it on this chart. It really serves as my reminder to check in with parents frequently.. especially if they are doing well.

Here it the supply list I leave out for parents to pick up on Open House, Curriculum Night, and Conference Day. Not sure if you have seen that Target commercial with the 'First Grade Teacher,' but I feel like I need to add GLITTER, tape (that sticks!), and GLITTER... Lots of GLITTER to my supply list. That commercial cracks me up every time.

Supply List
Next to my snazzy owl themed clip chart I have this poster hanging. It is a good reference for students to monitor their behavior and set goals throughout the day.

I also uploaded some Word Documents to Google Docs, but I am not sure how to display a picture on my blog. Any help??
Welp, here are the links to the items:
What May I Do If I am Done With My Work?
    I put this poster next to my completed classwork basket. Just as a friendly reminder to students.
Expanded Notation Memory
    We are learning expanded notation this week. Kids love math games, so I created this one. It's played just like the game Memory.
Common and Proper Noun Sort
    Who doesn't love a good cut and paste activity?
And lastly.... my favorite item....
Trace It, Glue It, Write It
     This is an excellent activity- if I do say so myself. I type their weekly spelling words into this template each week. Under the 'cut it' section I type the words in reverse. It takes my students quite a while in the beginning of the year, but by the end they can fly through it.

   I have more documents to share, but I need to experiment more with Good Docs. Any advice on linking Google Docs to your blog would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I would love for you to send me parent communication and rewards and consequences to

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  4. I would love the parent communication log. LOVE your site and ideas. We are so doing the Christmas Tree and Santa head.


  5. Please send the rewards and consequences to Thanks!!

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  7. Informative ideas ! Coincidentally if you a TX H1015 , my colleague edited a sample document here