I'm DONE! What do I do now??

Misssss Stephannn!! I am done with my work! What do I do now?? Ugh, I have heard that so many times. I decided this year I would put that question to rest.. FOREVER!

It just came to me one day, Brownie Points. I would give my students extra work and award them 'Brownie Points' for completing a page. I took a small file folder crate I found at Walmart and made a hanging file for each student. There is also a hanging file that is labeled completed. The work inside the folders is differentiated. Whatever a student needs a little extra practice on goes into their folder. It works so well! I can provide struggling students with extra practice and advanced students with a challenge or enrichment.

Now, what do they get when they are awarded  'Brownie Points'? Once a student completes 3 pages correctly they get a treat... a pack of mini oreos or a piece of candy. I would love to find some brownie theme objects (like erasers or pencils) so I am not giving he kids sugar, but for now it is an excellent incentive.

I uploaded the tag I staple to their treat to Google Docs.
You can find it here: Brownie Points

Another brilliant idea hit me on the ride home today. We are beginning our measurement unit in math, and I wanted a cute way to store rulers. So I came home and made this cute sign, printed it, and slapped it on an empty bread crumbs container. I won't lie, I was so excited about the idea I poured the bread crumbs out.... they were probably stale anyways.
And here is the finished product! Love it!
Click on the picture above to download it!


  1. I like your brownie point idea and the ruler holder-very creative!!
    -Lovely Nina

  2. Love the idea of Work for "Brownie Points". Would you mind sharing the sign you put on the front of the crate? Thanks!