July Currently

July! Already!?! I love July, but that means I only have four more weeks of summer vacation... in that case I am going back to bed... after linking up with Farley for another month of Curretly!
Listening: I love watching GMA (Good Morning America) every morning... something I don't get to do during the school year.
Loving: I love the freedom of my summer schedule... pretty sure I said the same thing last month, but I really love it. I wake up, eat breakfast, lay in bed watching GMA, walk the dog, head to the gym, clean something, and then do whatever I want. It is awesome!
Thinking: LAUNDRY! UGH! During the school year my husband and I do the laundry together on Sundays, but during the summer I do it whenever I want. Well, the hamper is overflowing... guess it is laundry day.
Wanting: I really, really wish I was going to Vegas. I wanted to go last year, but I didn't follow through. This year my good friend is going and I am so jealous! With a new baby arriving in 11 weeks (YAY!), a trip to Vegas just was not in the budget. I will be doing a lot of blog stalking during the conference to see what I am missing.
Needing: I need a little motivation to make it t the gym today. My heart says go, but my head says wait here for the tow truck. Yup, my hubby's car wouldn't start this morning, so we are having it towed into the shop. Should I stay or should I go (to the gym)?
All STAR: I feel like a summer all star at getting things done! I have had several TPT requests over the past few weeks and I have posted all of those, plus a few other products I have been working on. Next on my to-do list, print and bind my new teacher planner.
I am excited to read what everybody else is up to... after I go back to sleep I mean to the gym!


  1. I'm wanting to go to Vegas, too! But I have to work : ( Next summer I am for sure going! No excuses!

  2. Erin,
    Congrats on the soon to be new baby arriving! That is exciting! I didn't go to Vegas last year, but I am going this year. You'll make it next year for sure.
    Right Down the Middle

  3. I wish I could be going to the conference as well! I guess you've got a pretty good reason to not go - how exciting that your baby will be here before you know it! Hopefully next year will be our year for Vegas :)

    Paiges of Learning

  4. You have been an all star at getting new items posted! I need your motivation! Next year I have us both down for going to Vegas!

    Jessica Zannini
    Notes From the Portable