Classroom Digs... My classroom tour! - Teacher Week!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.
I am linking about again for Teacher Week with Blog Hoppin'.

I am very excited to share my home away from home with your today. I must warn you though of two things….
1. I took these photos with my phone, so they may be a bit blurry.
2. I totally forgot to take a picture of my students desks. Whoops!
This is the view when you walk in my door. It is my mini-teacher station. My laptop and document camera must go there in order to connect to the Activboard. I love my document camera!

Here is the rest of my board. The purple pocket chart is for reading centers, and the T-Chart is for I Cans and Essential Questions. See my mobile word wall below? I love it and the kids do too.
This is my real teacher station... although I am never really at my desk. Behind my desk are my personal children's books on one shelf, and my TEs and binders on another. I wish I would have taken a close up of my teacher utility box (the purple box to the right of the window).
My writing wall!
Here is where I do get to sit down every so often. This is my small group area. Ignore the mess on the table, my students' 'backpacks' are drying.
Computer station and math tubs! The top row of the math tubs will soon be filled with leveled games to play when they finish their work early during math. The next two rows are filled with manipulatives, and the bottom rows are for clipboards.
This is my favorite area of the room. I love my READ board and library.
I spent a lot of my post-planning and pre-planning time scanning, sorting, and leveling my library. The fiction books are sorted by guided reading level and the non-fiction are sorted into categories.
This is my supplies/mailbox/work area and my word wall. The space to the right of the word wall will be for my math vocabulary words. The trays of paper were from Open House... ignore those.
Here is my behavior 'wall'. Clip chart, expectations, rewards & consequences, and goals. I wish this wasn't so blurry.
Lastly, this is my jobs chart. I love, love, love how it turned out!
Now, just picture student desks in the middle of the room!
Off to relax now. I hope to see you tomorrow for another Teacher Week post.


  1. I'm very envious of your Write On board - it's absolutely adorable! It's so absolutely adorable! What a great room! I would love to be a student :)

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