Let's Talk About Me - Teacher Week 2013

I am exhausted after my first day back to school, but I couldn’t resist a quick post and a linky party. I am excited to participate in Teacher Week with Blog Hoppin, and hope I get through an entire week of posts.

So, today I get to talk about myself! Well, that should be easy.

1. I was born, raised, and still live in Georgia! I will probably never leave. Well, I did spend 4 short years in Alabama at Auburn, but the rest of my life has been pleasantly spent in the peach state.
2. I met the love of my life at Auburn and we got married last October. I love this picture... wish I knew what I was laughing at.
3. We adopted our first (fur)baby in April. This is Rosie and she is a Golden Doodle. We love her very much and spoil her with attention. She is not happy that I have returned to work after spending all summer with her.
 4. I teach in the same county that I went to school in.
5. I love chips and cheese dip. I would eat it every day if I could... but then I would have to work out every day, and I can only motivate myself to do that a few times a week.
6. This is my sixth year teaching! And my first year as our grade level chair. I adore second grade!
7. I have a fear of being late. I prefer to be at least five minutes early to wherever I am going and get anxious if I am only going to be on-time.
8. I LOVE crafting and creating! I did not go on a vacation this summer, but I was just as happy playing with my Cricut, paint brushes, and computer.
9. I am addicted to: coffee, Tazo cucumber white tea, Reese's Pieces, Starbucks, Words with Friends, Pinterest, and iPad.
10. I have NEVER snoozed my alarm. Yup, I am a glorified morning person. My alarm goes off and I jump right up! Perfect for a teacher.
Come back tomorrow and see my entire classroom!

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  1. I so need to practice on your #10. I hit my snooze at least two times every morning. Thanks for sharing!