Back2School - Organization

I am thrilled to kick off a new link-up series hosted by yours truly and Jessica from Notes from the Portable!
I admit I am a little OCD... everything has a home! And no, I don't mean to just shove everything into your desk. Ugh, there is nothing more that I hate more than a disorganized desk. I hate it so much that I switched to table last year. Next year, unfortunately, I will be back to using desks because our school is moving to a temporary location while they bulldoze and rebuild.
Anyways, I try to teach my students that EVERYTHING HAS A HOME from day one. So, where does everything go? Let me show you.
There are some organization strategies that I initiated last year with tables, that I think will really help prevent the dreaded messy desk.
Raise your hand if your kids lose their crayons in their desk. Yup, it is bound to happen. Well, I have a solution. Snack packs!

I buy these from the Dollar Tree each summer. They fit a box of crayons perfectly. They close tight, so crayons won't be floating around their desk. I keep extra crayons in the back of the room in case they do break or lose a certain color (see the picture at the bottom).
Speaking of supplies getting lost in desks, my next tip is one I think many teachers use. Table caddies! I teach students the first week of school what lives in each compartment. I have to reiterate this over and over the first few weeks, but eventually they keep it organized on their own. Now, just because these are on the tables does not mean they are "community" supplies. I write student's name on markers, colored pencils, and scissors. Glue sticks and pencils are "community" supplies.
Table caddies just help keep things out of their desks and keep things organized.
Another way to help keep desks organized is to provide an extra place for storage. And if you use tables, this is a simple way to create a storage space. 

I placed these "bookshelves" at the end of each table for easy access. Students wee able to store those never used textbooks, workbooks, journals, and unfinished work folders. Those white magazine boxes are perfect and cheap... Get them at IKEA, 5 for $1.99!
Lastly, I highly suggest making extra supplies accessible. I create a central zone for student cubbies, extra supplies, completed work, pencils, and extra work. Students quickly learn that if they need something they just go to that counter.

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  1. Love these! There is nothing worse than a school day where I feel like the room is a disaster. I like the idea of adding everything has it's place and I think I may add that to my rules/expectations.

  2. Love your table caddy labels. Are those on you TPT site? I was thinking about doing pencil boxes in there desks. Have you tried that? My memories of 2nd haven't come flooding back yet.

    1. I have tried pencil boxes, but personally just don't love them. And some kids don't bring them in. I also find they take up a big chunk of space in their desks, but like I said I just never loved them.